In the technology filled world of today, the ability to program becomes increasingly important - both in terms of future careers, where many jobs will be replaced by technology, as well as in terms of personal fulfillment. In short, coding is the language of tomorrow. However, the interest in programming needs to be honed early, but the resources aren't always available.

Our mission, at Coders4Tomorrow, is to provide these resources for bright young minds that are historically, socially, or economically disadvantaged.

What we do

We have programs and courses for students at no cost to the families. Below are some of the things we do as Coders4Tomorrow.

Curriculum Development

We believe that a lot of resources out there are disorganized and hard to follow, so we took the initiative to develop our own curriculum to facilitate better learning.


To make sure that students know about the opportunities provided by our programs, we advertise to spread the words. If you'd like us to let your school community become aware of such opportunities, please contact us!


In order to provide the programs for free, we raise funds through a variety of means. If you would like to donate to or sponsor us, please contact us!


Through programs and courses, we teach the students the basics of computer science, in order to provide a foundation that students can build upon to reach new heights.

Upcoming Programs

Basics of Python with Coders4Tomorrow

  • When: Monday, August 10, 2020 through Friday, August 14, 2020, 3 pm to 6 pm
  • For: grades 7 - 10
  • Where: Online via Zoom Video Conferencing

This will be a course to introduce students to the world of programming, using the Python 3 language. A curriculum written by our curriculum development team will be used. By the end of the course students will have gained a fundamental understanding of programming as well as basic skills in Python such as notions of primitive types, variables, strings, lists, dictionaries, for- and while- loops, and functions. Students will also complete a mini-project towards the end to utilize what they learned as well as showcase their learning.

Pre-registration is required for this weeklong program. Register once for the entire week. Coders4Tomorrow aims to teach the basics of Python coding in a fun way! Along with instruction from experienced high school coders in all of the essentials of Python 3, a real coding language used in industry, guest speakers and creative final projects are included to spark prolonged interest in coding. No prior coding experience is needed.

To register for this course, please apply at

Past Programs

Basics of Python with Coders4Tomorrow

A week-long summer camp for students in grades 5-9 to learn the fundametals of the Python 3 programming language.

Instructional Team

Suchir Gupta

Suchir is currently an incoming freshman at the University of Michigan College of Engineering studying Computer Science. His teaching experience includes working at Kumon Learning Center as a math and reading tutor for over 3 years. Although Python was Suchir’s first coding language, he now primarily uses Java and C++.

Yuyuan Luo

Yuyuan is an incoming freshman at MIT and hoping to study mathematics and computer science. Yuyuan has experience working with younger students as a former GRPM volunteer, and as a leading member of their school’s math club, they are experienced in leading discussions in an academic context. Yuyuan is proficient in Python, Java, and C++, and is excited to work with everyone.

Brian Travis

Brian is a junior in high school who lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Brian loves art, playing piano, spending time with family, playing games, and especially programming. Brian has taught himself many of his hobbies including Python, web development, basic photography, and graphic design. Brian taught for Coders4Tomorrow in 2019, and is super excited to return!

Organizational Team

Akansha Das

Akansha Das, an incoming freshman at Washington and Jefferson College, enjoys playing the piano, traveling around the country, and being part of her debate and forensics team during her free time. As an employee at Kumon Learning Center for two years, she has grown accustomed to teaching younger children and is excited to see children in the community getting immersed in the sciences from a young age. Akansha has spent a year learning Java through AP Computer Science.

Andy Travis

With significant experience working with kids as a Kent District Library volunteer, tutoring experience in several different subject areas ranging from music to history to math, and coding experience with Python through self-teaching and Java through AP Computer Science, Andy is excited to help program participants discover all that they can do with coding and careers in computer science. He is an avid reader and loves to play the violin. Andy will be a freshman at the University of Chicago next year.

Tony DiMeglio

Tony is an incoming freshman at Wayne State University. He spends a large amount of his time on the computer, and, while being a fellow learner of code, he spends most of his time on working around Google and other apps the web has to offer. Tony also enjoys working with-in the community volunteering in the Kent District Library system, volunteering at local parks, and working at John Ball Zoo.

Get in touch

If you'd like to volunteer, donate, start a branch in your area, or if you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email or a message!