In the technology filled world of today, the ability to program becomes increasingly important - both in terms of future careers, where many jobs will be replaced by technology, as well as in terms of personal fulfillment. In short, coding is the language of tomorrow. However, the interest in programming needs to be honed early, but the resources aren't always available.

Our mission, at Coders4Tomorrow, is to provide these resources for bright young minds that are historically, socially, or economically disadvantaged.

What we do

We have programs and courses for students at no cost to the families. Below are some of the things we do as Coders4Tomorrow.

Curriculum Development

We believe that a lot of resources out there are disorganized and hard to follow, so we took the initiative to develop our own curriculum to facilitate better learning.


To make sure that students know about the opportunities provided by our programs, we advertise to spread the words. If you'd like us to let your school community become aware of such opportunities, please contact us!


In order to provide the programs for free, we raise funds through a variety of means. If you would like to donate to or sponsor us, please contact us!


Through programs and courses, we teach the students the basics of computer science, in order to provide a foundation that students can build upon to reach new heights.

Grand Rapids, MI

We are based in the Greater Grand Rapids area, with specific aims to serve students in economically disadvantaged areas in the inner city. We wish to inspire students with possibilities of future careers in technology and thus improve the likelihood of academic success.

San Diego, CA

Based in the Greater San Diego area, we are set on increasing exposure to coding among underrepresented youth and motivating our fellow students to enter future careers in sciences and technology.

Get in touch

If you'd like to volunteer, donate, start a branch in your area, or if you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email or a message!