Cross-Branch Team

On this page, you will find the bios of our cross-branch organizational team as well as our curriculum development team. (Names in alphabetical order!) Check out the pages of the specific branches for the bios of team members of each branch!

Cross-branch Organizational Team


Akansha, a current junior at Forest Hills Central High School in Grand Rapids, MI, enjoys playing the piano, traveling around the country, and being part of her debate and forensics team during her free time. As a vice-president of a health-sciences club at her school, she has experience with organizing group meetings and logistical tasks. As she has been working at Kumon, a tutoring center for math and reading for kids, for over a year now, she is excited to see children in the community getting immersed in the sciences from a young age.


Andy is a high school junior in Grand Rapids, MI. Besides loving to read, play the violin, and travel, Andy also enjoys volunteering in his community. His experience with organization stems from leadership positions in clubs/organizations at school and in his volunteering. Besides elementary school summer camps using Scratch, Andy has also spent the past couple summers teaching himself Python, and is very excited to help students learn and discover coding this summer.


Yuyuan is the founder of Coders4Tomorrow and a current high school junior from the Greater Grand Rapids area, and a co-founder of her school math club. When she’s not doing something related to technology, she can be found reading math books, climbing trees, or reading math books on top of trees. She went to Canada/USA Mathcamp, an excellent summer program for high school students interested in STEM. (Go check it out!) She also plays piano. Sometimes.

Curriculum Development Team


Brian is a freshman in high school who lives in Grand Rapids, MI. Brian loves drawing, playing piano, spending time with family, playing games, and especially programming. Brian has taught himself this basics of the Python language, and also taught himself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He enjoys using these skills to create interactive webpages. He does not have any teaching experience, however he has attended various summer camps with an emphasis on programming and game design. Brian considers coding his most defining hobby.


Suchir loves to program competitively, and is proficient in Python and Java for competitive programming. Suchir and Yuyuan have won several state awards programming in Python. Suchir regularly participates in the USA Computing Olympiad, in which he has been promoted to the Gold Division using both Python and Java. He is currently taking AP Computer Science A in high school. Suchir also designed with Yuyuan.


Yuyuan is an active competitive programmer, and is proficient in Python, Java, and C++ for competitive programming. Yuyuan and Suchir have won numerous local and state level awards programming in Python. Yuyuan has taken AP Computer Science A with a score of 5, and participated and been promoted to Gold level in USACO (USA Computing Olympiad) with Java, but is gradually switching to C++. Yuyuan also built (along with Suchir) and manages this website.